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Child Sponsorship

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World Witness, through the ARP Mission, is providing quality education, with a Christian worldview, to children in Pakistan. With an estimated 100,000 Christian children needing education, the importance of these schools cannot be stressed enough.

Most students come from very poor families in rural areas where literacy rates have fallen below 50%. Now enrollments are growing as more Christian families make the very difficult financial decision to educate their children and give them a better future. And with the help of Child Sponsorship, more children than ever are being educated.

Since 2009, the ARP Mission has been operating 4 schools and the Mable Lowry Pressly Girls Hostel. Two quality high school programs are being developed in Sahiwal and Chichawatni, while 2 village schools operate in more-distant locations. All schools have the option of enrolling up to 30% Muslim students. Within a Christian environment, the Gospel seed is planted and the children and their families are changed and blessed, all to the glory of God.

Noteworthy is the history of the MLP Girls Hostel, which was established in Sahiwal in 1913, to provide education to girls from remote villages. Pastors in these areas had no way to educate their children. The need continues to this day. Since its inception the Hostel has provided excellent Christian education and boarding for Christian girls. Many graduates serve as lay leaders in their churches, as school teachers, head mistresses, nurses and superintendents of nurses in major hospitals in Pakistan and elsewhere. God has used this program to train 180 girls each year.

How Can You Become Involved?
The Children’s Ministry of Pakistan depends completely upon your donations.

  • $35 per month will provide a good basic diet and healthy living conditions.
  • $35 per month will provide an education.
  • $70 per month will provide for both of these ministries.

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