Featured Field – ARPConnect

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  • When shaking hands with a Muslim you should always use the right hand?
  • Muslims will remove their shoes when entering a Mosque or home?
  • ARPConnect has resources to help you interact with Muslims?


  • 3 Muslim background Ph.D. students who turned to Jesus through campus engagement
  • For all who joined our trip to an area with a high Muslim population
  • Those who joined the trip were blessed through many great and friendly interactions
  • For the on-going friendships with Muslims that were developed on the trip
  • The Muslim man befriended on a trip five years ago that God is drawing to faith in Christ


  • For the good relationships built with Middle Eastern refugee friends to grow and deepen
  • For the English-as-a-second-language classes that lead to many open doors for sharing
  • For Muslim students to be impacted by the friendships of believers reaching out to them
  • That the momentum of friendships being built would continue
  • Pray for the Lord’s provision and protection for ARPConnect staff and their families
  • For more information on ARPConnect, please visit arpconnect.org.