Featured Field – Pakistan

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  • *Population 226 million
  • *Capital is Islamabad
  • *95% Muslim and 2.5% Christian


  • The 125 student nurses at CHS Nursing School.
  • The dedicated Hospital doctors/staff who give help and hope to so many hurting people.
  • ARP Mission schools and the children and families being impacted by the Gospel.
  • The staff members and nursing students at CHS who are taking part in a Basic Catechism Training Program offered by the Spiritual Services Department at CHS. These lessons are making their way into families and churches.


  • God’s provision/protection for the ongoing construction of the new ARP Mission school.
  • God’s protection over the Hospital, its staff, the ARP Mission schools, and His Church.
  • New missionaries to be raised up to go to Pakistan.
  • The Ackermans, Andrew Howard, the McKays and their ministry in Pakistan.

    *Statistics from Operation World