Featured Field – Poland

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Poland – The U.S. Department of State estimates that the population of Poland is 38 million (July 2014). The country of Poland has a longstanding Christian tradition. However, there are still many who have not heard the Gospel message and many others who need theological education and resources to grow and strengthen their faith.


The Reformation Study Center in Poland seeks to make biblical and theological resources easily accessible to anyone interested in learning about Reformed and Presbyterian history and theology.



  • The number of people accessing the center continues to grow.
  • New members are being welcomed into the Frist Presbyterian Church of Warsaw.
  • Through the center, individuals unfamiliar with evangelical Christianity are reached.


  • Funding to continue reaching the Polish people.
  • Growth for the church plant in Poland.
  • While the Study Center is growing, it is experiencing growing pains. We seek God’s wisdom and direction as we move forward.