Featured Field Short-Term

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  • We have opportunities to serve in Wales, Germany, Spain and Mexico!
  • Want to go on a Short-Term trip? Check out the ST website for more info.


  • Thankful for those participating with our missionaries in sharing Christ’s love.
  • For the huge encouragement ST ministry is to our missionaries and national believers.
  • “Going to church in another language made me understand just how big our God is…”–Short-Term Intern
  • “I’m grateful for the conversations during English Camp and trust He’s planting seeds that might one day grow into full-fledged faith.”–Short-Term Volunteer


  • For upcoming English Camps in Germany and Spain to provide ways to share God’s love.
  • For summer camp volunteers in Lithuania, demonstrating a Christian life to unbelievers.
  • For those assisting in church-planting and outreach programs in Spain and Wales.
  • For those committing to internships during the college/summer gap years.