Email Guidelines

Security Guidelines for Corresponding with World Witness Members Serving Overseas

 Corresponding with World Witness workers who minister in closed countries is welcomed and encouraged. However, please follow these guidelines when doing so:

  1. Always use the words “worker, messenger or member” when corresponding with our messengers of the Word via email or postal mail.
  2. Do not post information that mentions a member’s work or country of service on the web without his/her permission. This includes Facebook, church websites, church bulletins or newsletters (printed newsletters or bulletins are fine), Twitter, Blogger Spot, Pinterest, personal blogs, public newspapers (print or electronic editions), or on any other public internet forum.*
  3. Get permission first from the member if you wish to forward his/her email or printed newsletter.
  4. Do not use the terms “missionary, evangelism, proselytizing or church planting” in electronic correspondence. At this point, World Witness feels it is safe to use the terminology “prayer, God, Jesus, Bible”, etc.
  5. Do not add a member’s name to mass email lists or forward email messages that contain any of the terms listed in #4.


  • If you post your church bulletin or newsletter on the web as a PDF file, all the information is searchable by Google. For example, if you write about a particular messenger in your bulletin and then post it to the web as a PDF, Google will then put that PDF file in its search engine, allowing anyone with web access to find this bulletin and read it.
  • Likewise, if you run an advertisement in a city newspaper for a church mission conference, keep in mind that the newspaper will also post this on their website, which will be searchable by Google or another search engine. For example, if your mission conference advertisement in a newspaper reads, “Come hear Joe Erskine speak about his highly dangerous work in the Middle East,” it is likely that within a week’s time this information will be on the web for anyone to access.