This study equips believers to share their Christian beliefs with their Muslim neighbors, with compassion and understanding. Each kit will contain 1 Companion Study Book and 2 DVDs.


Citing history, personal stories, and statistics, world relief activists Soerens and Hwang confront us with the current system’s inadequacies, and offering suggestions.


Explores the stories of more than 1,000 Muslim-background followers of Jesus Christ.

Equip your church/small group in reaching Muslims, build meaningful relationships, and effectively point them twoard Christ. This DVD collection has 6 sessions.


Careful, proportionate, well-informed, and accurate.┬áThe stories of faith, persecution, and encouragement will inspire every reader to see anew God’s work in the world.


Solidly roots missions biblically while giving real-life examples of how missionary principles can be applied practically.

Provides an insider’s view of how North American Muslims think, exposing some of the myths about them, and practical steps on how to establish friendships that can point to Christ.


In this powerful collection of personal stories, Reema takes us deep inside her Arab neighborhood to show how God is opening doors in one of many Islamic communities.


A four lesson series on evangelism that draws on the evangelistic heritage of the ARP Church.