“We saw the incredible need for reformed churches and scripture preaching in Spain.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Opportunities Are Available?

We currently have two options for Spain:

English Club – Spring, Summer, Fall (dates TBD)

VBS – Late July (dates TBD)

Deadline to register is February 1, 2018!

Do I need to Speak Spanish?

No, you do not need to speak Spanish.

Who Can Serve?

Mature high school/college students and adults (Maximum of ten people per team).

What Will I Do?

English Club – This is an on-going opportunity for structured conversation sessions with Spaniards who 
already have a good base of speaking English.
 There will be group activities as well as one-on-one tutoring.

VBS – VBS teams will be responsible for conducting a week-long English-based VBS under the direction of (and with assistance from) the host missionary and their national church members. With coordination from the host missionary, the team may be responsible for choosing the curriculum or using one provided. They will be asked to prepare and bring some materials and equipment from the U.S., with final preparations in Spain. 

Do I need to organize my own team?

We will help your church organize and carry out its own short-term mission trip, or coordinate individuals to form a team.

How Much Does It Cost?

Estimate cost is $2700 per person and to be determined based on the number of people in a group and current airfares.

What Is The Deadline To Register?

The deadline to register is February 1!

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