“Meeting believers who are strong in their faith despite the sinfulness of their culture has greatly encouraged my faith.”

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Opportunities Are Available?

We currently have one option for Wales:

Church Ministry Support – Spring, Summer, Fall

Deadline to register is February 1, 2018!

Is There A Language Barrier?

While they speak English in Wales, there are still differences in what certain words mean and can be offensive. During your pre-trip orientation and training, some of the main words will be practiced, so you will be familiar with them before your trip.

Who Can Serve?

This trip is open to all ages, including families. The group maximum size is ten people.

What Will I Do?

Teams will assist World Witness missionaries, 
Drew & Lauren Goodman with church outreach to
 children, youth and adults in their 
small community in Barry, Wales (near Cardiff).

Do I need to organize my own team?

We will help your church organize and carry out its own short-term mission trip, or coordinate individuals to form a team.

How Much Does It Cost?

Estimate cost is $2500 per person and to be determined based on the number of people in a group and current airfares.

What Is The Deadline To Register?

The deadline to register is February 1!

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