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As of June 2016, some 114 student nurses are enrolled in the School of Nursing at Christian Hospital Sahiwal (CHS) in Pakistan. Entry into the program is based on merit and extensive testing. Upon completion of the 4-year accredited Registered Nursing program and a mandatory 1-year internship, each student graduates as a highly skilled, empowered professional.

In addition to the first-rate education, all students benefit from the spiritual ministry and training at CHS, leaving fully equipped to serve as Christ’s ambassadors and leaders in the medical field, working in Pakistan, the Middle East, and around the world. Today, 25 of the 36 staff nurses at CHS are graduates of the CHS Nursing School

Nursing students mostly come from the impoverished, minority Christian community and would have no opportunity to receive a first-rate education and career, without the help of the Nursing Scholarship Program.

Nurse Scholarships will help:

  • Provide high-level academic training
  • Provide spiritual teaching/training for students
  • Produce skilled nurses
  • Support hospital administration
  • Change one life; change a village


  • $1,000 (1-year)
  • $   500 (6-month)

A 2015 nursing graduate was named the #2 student in the nation! 

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