Pakistan Bombing Update

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“Sahiwal is quiet, and we are safe,” reports Christian Hospital Sahiwal Director Keith Ackerman, following the recent terrorist attack in Lahore. However, the tragedy has come close to the CHS doorstep, as the husband of nursing school graduate Sarah Javed, was killed as he waited in line for tickets at the park. Thankfully, Sarah and their month-old baby are safe. Everyone at CHS is grieving with the family. A prayer vigil was held at CHS, March 31 for those affected by this terrible tragedy.


Andy Howard, who was in Lahore last Friday, was not affected and knows only what is available via public news.


Join us in praying for the healing of victims of this attack and for those who lost loved ones. Pray for God’s protection over Christian Hospital staff and patients, the ARP Mission Schools, the churches and families in Pakistan.

Creative Giving

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World Witness received a special Christmas gift from one of our partners—a lovely snowflake ornament and a check, along with this note:


“A friend gave me a bag of handmade, vintage lace items (possibly 100 years old). I re-purposed the lace into snowflakes and other decorative items. Some sold at our church craft fair, and I am enclosing a check for the money received. Please use this for the refugee ministry in Turkey or Europe.”


She offered the remaining items to be used as fundraisers or given as gifts to the Turkish pastors. We’re so thankful for the creative ways in which people give!


Paris Update

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All seems calm for now in Paris. We live in a suburb, so we are not as affected as those within the city. Paul drives our daughter into Paris for school every day, because public transport is not secure for the moment. Heavy border patrols have captured or discovered all but one of the assassins.

Paul is doing post-crisis counseling with students at American University and has also been counseling other missionaries. There have been many opportunities to share the Gospel. Paul has given out Bibles to many students. Please pray God would use these tragedies to turn hearts to Jesus Christ. God is moving here. We really need your ongoing prayers.

Light Into Darkness

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Bring light into the darkness with a year-end gift to the General Fund (where needed most).

The power of the Gospel will rescue those in darkness. Below is one of several incredible rescues.


“A former terrorist with the PKK found a Bible at a terrorist training camp library. He was imprisoned for conspiracy to commit terrorism and later became a Christian. He connected with one of our missionary families, which were later kicked out of the country. He took over the leadership of the church they started, and just recently moved his congregation into a new church building.”


Your gift to the General Fund will help –

• Recruit, equip, train new missionaries
• Develop church plants
• Network with refugee workers in Europe and Turkey
• Enable missionary care
• Fund Christian schools in Pakistan
• Expand CHS to further the Gospel
• Reach the Muslim population via PAK 7 satellite ministry
• And more!

Support Red100


Mission Minute

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Alex is in Mexico for this Minute for Missions!

Featured Field – Muslim Ministries

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  • 3.3 million Muslims of all ages live in the United States since 2015
  • Muslims make up about 1% of the total U.S. population


  • God’s protection and strength for our family during our travels
  • Spiritual and numerical growth in the ministry among Iranians in Colorado
  • The blessings and encouragement of the Muslim Ministries team retreat last month


  • God’s guidance in communication and planning for future ministry
  • Reach immigrants, refugees, & diaspora communities in U.S. & Europe, with the Gospel
  • Eyes to see what our Father wants us to notice, ears for His voice, trust for His purposes

    *Facts taken from Pew Research

    Featured Field – Persian Ministry

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  • WW missionary candidates Rev. Mansour and his wife have joined the Persian team.
  • The vision God gave Tat and the Persian team, of seeing a chain of Iranian fellowships up and down the front range of the Rocky Mountains, has come to fruition.


  • The Iranian brother whom Tat is mentoring and God is calling to pastoral ministry.
  • The social media/chat room Bible studies we offer in the Farsi language.
  • Continued spiritual growth of 6 M’s who came to Christ during the past 2 years.


    Featured Field – Pakistan

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  • *Population 226 million
  • *Capital is Islamabad
  • *95% Muslim and 2.5% Christian


  • The 125 student nurses at CHS Nursing School.
  • The dedicated Hospital doctors/staff who give help and hope to so many hurting people.
  • ARP Mission schools and the children and families being impacted by the Gospel.
  • The staff members and nursing students at CHS who are taking part in a Basic Catechism Training Program offered by the Spiritual Services Department at CHS. These lessons are making their way into families and churches.


  • God’s provision/protection for the ongoing construction of the new ARP Mission school.
  • God’s protection over the Hospital, its staff, the ARP Mission schools, and His Church.
  • New missionaries to be raised up to go to Pakistan.
  • The Ackermans, Andrew Howard, the McKays and their ministry in Pakistan.

    *Statistics from Operation World