World Focus 2018

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World Focus 2014 was the largest nationwide ARP event on record, with over 600 ARP pastors and families attending. Now, on June 7-8, you will have a chance to once again see and be a part of all the Lord is doing among ARP’s here, and around the world, at our two-day, denominational conference – World Focus 2018. It starts at 12:30 (or whenever Synod ends) and goes through 12:30 on Friday. There will also be a preview on Wednesday night starting at 8:30.

Besides being encouraged by our keynote speaker and special music, ARP agencies will fill the YAB with booths where you can learn about Erskine, Outreach North America, World Witness, Christian Ed, Camp Joy and many more. Also, World Witness is inviting home all its missionaries to be a part of this event, to meet with you and share God’s global work among Muslims, Europeans, and many more.

So, whether you are interested in becoming a student at Erskine, being involved in global missions, church planting in the US, or anything else, please join us for World Focus 2018, June 7-8 (following Synod) as we look at the present and future kingdom work of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church.

Find out what God is doing in and through the ARP Synod in: