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A New Field For World Witness

A New Field For World Witness

Years ago, former World Witness Director, Rev. Dr. Frank van Dalen, asked Rev. Lee Shelnutt to consider mentoring a young Pakistani pastor, Zeeshan Sadiq. While this mentorship was limited in its scope, it was a unique type of “Barnabas Ministry” which sought to make a reproducible discipleship ministry for pastors in Pakistan. Lee was to conduct this ministry as a volunteer, while continuing his pastorate at the Huntersville ARP congregation in First Presbytery.  

However, Lee’s heart began to hear a new call, more than a year ago, to consider taking this discipleship ministry into a broader, global arena. He sought the advice of several close friends outside his church and World Witness. One brother said, “Lee, this should be a shock to no one. We’ve all seen what the Lord has been preparing you for, and now, your experiences, your gifts, and your passions are meeting three major opportunities.” On the ministry side, this call was divinely related to the massive opportunity the Lord brought World Witness in Rwanda to teach pastors in need of a certificate to meet government clergy requirements.

To lead this field, World Witness has approved Lee’s application as a full?time missionary. In addition to this exciting new role, he will be acting as an encourager to our European missionaries who are not part of the Bridge Europe Team. Lee will help in areas of ministry planning and goals. Welcome aboard Lee! 

MT3 and the Barnabas Ministry

You may be asking what is different between MT3 and the Barnabas Ministry? While there is overlap in these ministries, they have significant differences as well. Dr. David Galletta, team leader of MT3, works in established seminaries abroad, teaching specified courses to pastors and seminarian students. As such, MT3 team members must have advanced degrees beyond a MDiv. They are meeting a crucial need by teaching courses in a host of countries for which there are no professors with adequate training. 

In contrast, the Barnabas ministry will be training, discipling, and meeting the specific needs of pastors in Rwanda and Pakistan. These pastors may not attend seminary but nonetheless must be trained to lead the Church in proper teaching of the Word and sound ecclesiology. 

In addition, the Barnabas Ministry seeks to have ongoing, mentoring relationships with church leaders, to further discipleship opportunities.

Regarding overlap, MT3 will be an asset that the Barnabas Ministry will use to fill needs within the discipleship program. Also, academically qualified members of the Barnabas Ministry may be able to assist MT3 in its global course work as well. 

World Witness is very excited to see this new field come on board, starting immediately, and asks for your prayers and support as Lee begins the fundraising process.

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