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Poised for  Revival

Poised for Revival

“God will not be left without a witness,” was Tim Keller’s paraphrase of Acts 4:17, to a crowd of several hundred church planters crammed into a nostalgic theater in Krakow, Poland, this last October. As I surveyed the bright-eyed idealists around me, I began to feel . . . well, old (and out of fashion). Still, despite their young age, many of idealists’ shoulders hung low, having experienced the discouragement and defeat of attempting to begin new churches in Europe. Hoping to be refreshed and encouraged, they, along with several World Witness missionaries, had come to Krakow for the City to City Europe church-planting conference. 

Author Peter Jenkins calls Europe the new “heart of darkness,” when comparing the bleak spiritual state of the continent to the original land that held this nomenclature – Africa.  Both Europe and North America’s spiritual decline make it seem like Christianity is losing worldwide. But, as Tim Keller reminded us, that’s simply not true. Revival in Africa, Latin America, and Asia are marked examples that God is moving.  Keller discussed with us that revivals in the 1900’s in Europe and North America were just as unprecedented as the ones occurring today. The Spirit “showed up” and what followed was widespread prayer, aggressive evangelism, reaching out to the poor, and massive conversions.  People could not have predicted this, and “the West” should be poised to see God move this way once again. 

Dariusz Brycko, World Witness missionary to Poland, and Juan Carlos Bonilla, World Witness missionary to Spain, were in attendance. Both of their countries hold some of the lowest Protestant Christian populations in all of Europe. Yet, three days after Dariusz returned from the conference, he held his first congregational meeting in Poland. Also, Juan Carlos continues to hold Bible studies in Madrid and has befriended a Muslim interested in Christ.  There is much hope to be had, and World Witness missionaries in Europe, and all over the world, are still trusting that “God will not be left without a witness.” Let us help them prepare for revival.  

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