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Who Will Be The Next Andrew Or Minnie?

Who Will Be The Next Andrew Or Minnie?

I have asked several groups of people over the past few weeks if they remember where they were when they heard the news of Andrew Brunson’s release from prison. They responded quickly, “my home,” “my work,” “on the way to such and such,” etc. Andrew is close to the ARPs, and we all celebrate this incredible victory. In fact, in October, the first church service Andrew attended in two years was at Atonement ARP, the same church that commissioned him and Norine and sent them to Turkey in 1994.   

ARPs have a long history of courage in foreign missions, and plights like Andrew’s has continued to spur on that passion in dynamic ways. Think about it – an entire generation of ARP children intimately know the face and name of someone who was imprisoned for their faith. The prayers of these children, over the past two years, have taught them what it means to pray with boldness and expectation that God will do great things. It has taught adults as well.  

But the lesson here is not simply that God answers prayers, but also that examples like Andrew should invigorate our preaching and teaching to call out a new generation of ARPs to be counted worthy to suffer for His name (Acts 5:41).  

In fact, our first missionary to Pakistan in 1906, Minnie Alexander, heard her pastor preach, when she was seven years old, about needing to have a heart for the lost. Her mother read missionary biographies to her. These were the sparks God grew and used to send Minnie to a place where, today, there are 90,000 ARPs.  

The 2-2-20 initiative encourages us to pray that, by the June Synod of 2020, every ARP church will have two potential missionaries revealed to them. Let our preaching, teaching, and prayers encourage parents and grandparents to give of their greatest treasure for world missions and lead to seeing the next Andrew Brunson and Minnie Alexander continuing the bold legacy of bringing the Gospel to the ends of the earth, no matter the cost. I invite you to take a moment and pray for this right now.

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