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    Latest Update On Katie

    “Well she’s been brilliant today…” (READ MORE)

    Dottie’s Update On Katie

    “Katie’s Mother: ‘Please Lord, hear my prayer for baby Katie…” (READ MORE)

    Happy Birthday Frank!

    Happy Birthday to our Executive Director! See pictures of our celebration!

    Katie in Wales Update

    “The family is much more encouraged now…but has started running a fever again.” (READ MORE)

    Latest On Katie

    “Katie is starting to come around…” (READ MORE)

    Urgent Prayer for Katie

    “Katie is not doing well at all…” (READ MORE)

    Popular Audio Bible on SD Cards

    “Only one in a hundred people in our region can read, but almost everyone can listen…” (READ MORE)

    Andes New Update

    “The Andes family have now left Ukraine…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Of Such Is the Kingdom Of Heaven

    “Struggling to survive at 26 weeks and 1.5 lbs. this little girl came into the ICU with little hope and no expectations…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Andes Update

    “For now, we feel relatively safe…” (READ MORE)

    New Executive Director!

    “The Board of World Witness is pleased to announce…” (READ MORE)

    Urgent Prayer: Andes

    “The situation here in Ukraine continues to look pretty bad…” (SEE PICTURES AND READ MORE)

    Even Potatoes: Update from the Youngs

    “Each time I come away rejoicing at the connections that are being made and at the way God uses every little thing—even potatoes…” (SEE PICTURES AND READ MORE)

    New Video!

    We added a new video to our video page…

    New Syrian Refugee Project Update!

    “Of these 300 families, almost 80 percent are now equipped with heaters, blankets and food coupons.” (READ MORE)

    The Blessing of Sewing Machines

    “Each lady knows the sewing machine is a gift from the Lord…” SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE

    Pakistan Dedication!

    “100 years of ministry to Christian girls in this region of the Punjab – that’s a long time…” (SEE PICTURES AND READ MORE)