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    Van Dalen Farewell Party

    Today, we said goodbye to our Executive Director of 10 years! We’re excited that they’re not leaving World Witness just yet. Frank van Dalen and his wife Emily will soon be going to Lithuania as missionaries! Frank and Emily van Dalen

    Support at the Year End

    “Your support will keep our missionaries on the field…”

    Give the Gift of Missions

    Don’t know what to buy for that person who has everything? Give them the gift of missions by supporting a missionary in their honor today! Write the name of the missionary you would like to support in the “Additional Comments” section.

    New Barron Ministry Video!

      CLICK HERE to view that latest missionary video highlighting the ministry of Will and Sarah Barron in Camarma, Madrid, Spain. Sign in to view the extended version with bloopers!    

    Refugee Update

    “When we sat and colored with the refugee children, most of them want to color in red – the memory of blood is still in their minds and hearts…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Dottie’s New Update On Katie

    “Her mom had a phone call to say Katie needs an infusion right away…” (READ MORE)

    Dottie’s Latest Update on Katie

    “Her mom is very anxious…”

    King’s Prayer Update

    “We will be starting a soccer club ministry on Friday afternoon/evening…” (READ MORE)

    Pike Prayer Update

    “Pray for unity in Scotland in the wake of the referendum voting…” (READ MORE)

    Are you a builder?

    “I’ve also come to the profound realization that I’m a dependent clause…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Dottie’s Update on Katie in Wales

    “They are happy with Katie that they don’t want to see her until the end of September, wow!!!” (READ MORE)

    Iraqi Refugee Prayer Guide

    “Pray that they would stand strong in the Lord…” (READ MORE)

    Pray for Sarah Ellen

    “Sarah Ellen has been losing vision in her right eye…” (READ MORE)

    Help Iraqi Refugees!

    “There are over 1,000 Yezidi refugees, and in another town in the Mardin province there are an additional 700 Kurdish refugees…” (READ MORE)

    History of the Jubilee Birthday Video!

    History of the Jubilee Birthday video added to our Media page…(READ MORE)

    Johnson Update

    “It was a joy to visit the classrooms, hear the children sing hymns for us and pray over the teachers…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Kids Like Me Update

    “They are getting the chance to talk about things that they have had to hide…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Kings – Jesus Club Update

    “The mom even stayed and heard the Bible story…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Young’s Update

    “After school her house was locked up tight with no one there…” (SEE PICTURES AND READ MORE)

    World Focus 2014 Picture Highlights!

    Click to view the pictures from the World Focus event!

    Setting Up for World Focus!

    Click to see pictures!

    Jeff & Lisa’s English Class!

    “Praising the Lord for an opportunity to share with the families why we are here…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Pray for Mining Accident

    “At this point 245 miners are confirmed dead…” (READ MORE)

    Pictures from Lake Placid Missions Social!

    Click the link above to view the pictures from our Missions Social in Lake Placid, Florida.

    Melbourne Beach Missions Social Pictures!

    Click the link above to view the pictures from our Missions Social in Melbourne Beach!

    Lake Wales Missions Pictures!

    Click on the link above to view the pictures!

    Pictures from Tampa Missions Social

    We loved sharing our passion for ministry with all of you! Click to view the pictures!

    Legacy Missions Conference

    “June 12-14″ (WATCH VIDEO AND READ MORE)


    “Your donation will bless the families who are returning for home service in the U.S…” (READ MORE)

    URGENT: House Parents Needed!

    “A christian hostel in Cameroon is looking for this year…” (SEE PICTURES AND READ MORE)

    World Focus Children’s & Youth Schedule!

    Don’t forget about the free lock-in for all Senior High students with a youth leader!

    Latest Update On Katie

    “Well she’s been brilliant today…” (READ MORE)

    Dottie’s Update On Katie

    “Katie’s Mother: ‘Please Lord, hear my prayer for baby Katie…” (READ MORE)

    Happy Birthday Frank!

    Happy Birthday to our Executive Director! See pictures of our celebration!

    Katie in Wales Update

    “The family is much more encouraged now…but has started running a fever again.” (READ MORE)

    Latest On Katie

    “Katie is starting to come around…” (READ MORE)

    Urgent Prayer for Katie

    “Katie is not doing well at all…” (READ MORE)

    Popular Audio Bible on SD Cards

    “Only one in a hundred people in our region can read, but almost everyone can listen…” (READ MORE)

    Andes New Update

    “The Andes family have now left Ukraine…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Of Such Is the Kingdom Of Heaven

    “Struggling to survive at 26 weeks and 1.5 lbs. this little girl came into the ICU with little hope and no expectations…” (SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE)

    Andes Update

    “For now, we feel relatively safe…” (READ MORE)

    New Executive Director!

    “The Board of World Witness is pleased to announce…” (READ MORE)

    Urgent Prayer: Andes

    “The situation here in Ukraine continues to look pretty bad…” (SEE PICTURES AND READ MORE)

    Even Potatoes: Update from the Youngs

    “Each time I come away rejoicing at the connections that are being made and at the way God uses every little thing—even potatoes…” (SEE PICTURES AND READ MORE)

    New Video!

    We added a new video to our video page…

    New Syrian Refugee Project Update!

    “Of these 300 families, almost 80 percent are now equipped with heaters, blankets and food coupons.” (READ MORE)

    The Blessing of Sewing Machines

    “Each lady knows the sewing machine is a gift from the Lord…” SEE PICTURE AND READ MORE

    Pakistan Dedication!

    “100 years of ministry to Christian girls in this region of the Punjab – that’s a long time…” (SEE PICTURES AND READ MORE)