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Coronavirus Statement


Dear Friends, 

We are in daily communication with team leaders and missionaries during this time of crisis. We are grateful that, though some of our missionaries are ill, none have needed hospitalization, and several are recovering. It is unclear if they have had the COVID virus, since testing in several countries is limited to those who are hospitalized. Currently, their own movements are severely limited, given several country-wide quarantines enforced by the military.  

All missionaries have the freedom to return to the U.S., if they so desire, though the majority are choosing to remain. In addition, we have given them official guidelines to limit non-essential travel and avoid gathering. We have, instead, asked them to look for alternate ways of ministry such as video conferencing, etc.  

The World Witness office remains open, though we have severely reduced the number of staff allowed to come in for work. As always, please feel free to call us for any reason during business hours, and someone will answer. (864-233-5226)   

Finally, remember that, despite our feelings of helplessness, Jesus is still King, and His mission continues unhindered and unabated. May this helplessness cause us to lift our eyes and find our truest help in the Lord (Psalm 121). 

Be of Good Faith, 

Alex Pettett 

Executive Director, World Witness 

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