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The Good News

The Good News

In these challenging times, we ask, “Is the Good News of the Gospel still good enough to satisfy me in my present circumstances?” Does it sound good and bring joy to those we serve? What about the young people we mentor who have lost a parent to Covid in the past months or marriages that are struggling? What Good News would encourage an elderly woman alone in her apartment with crippling arthritis, or a village church that just lost its pastor?  

So here is what we tell those who lost family members to Covid. You will never be alone and will always have a Provider and Helper, because God is with us. Those struggling with marriage conflict and mental health issues can be assured that the blood of our Savior covers every sin, and the Holy Spirit has power to change and heal. 

The Good News we offer applies to more than today’s adversities. It is for eternity and speaks of a God who saves, who is faithful, sovereign, and intentional in His plans. He is all-wise, righteous, and true. This Good News gives us a quiet heart and enduring joy, regardless of life’s circumstances. 

As we move into another year of ministry, we ask for your prayers in several areas: 

  • Our summer camps – campers and leaders. What started as a single camp our first year will likely be five camps this coming summer.  
  • Our morning and evening services in Lithuanian and English, development of a Sunday School, and ongoing facility repairs. 
  • Three Bible studies we teach each week. 
  • Hours of counseling believers and unbelievers. 

Thank you for your prayers for the families and leaders of the Evangelical Reformed Church and that God would work in us faithfulness, wisdom, humility, and joy as we serve our Savior.

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